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Find out how to get started with Dropbox:





Keep your

documents safe

Take your stuff


Send huge


Work with files


Welcome to Dropbox!



Keep your files safe

Dropbox allows you to save photos, docs, movies and other

documents - all-in-one place -- and immediately backs up your things. So , if your computer breaks down or you leave your cellphone

on the coach, your stuff is safe.

Add data to your Dropbox

On House windows or Mac

1 . Make sure you've mounted the desktop app on your computer. 2 . Drag-n-drop files in the Dropbox file. That's that!





On dropbox. com

1 ) Sign in to dropbox. com.

2 . Click on the Upload switch at the top of the window.

3. Choose the file you'd like to add and simply click Open.

some. Or, simply drag and drop files directly into your

web browser.

Upon iOS or perhaps Android

1 . Tap a lot more actions menu (... ) icon in the top right-hand corner. installment payments on your Choose Upload file (in iOS) or perhaps Upload here (in Android).

3. Pick the location you want to upload files from.

four. Select the documents you'd like to add, then tap Upload.






Take you itens anywhere

Keep your photos and docs to Dropbox and access all of them on any kind of

computer, mobile phone or tablet with the Dropbox app. Just about every file one saves to Dropbox is quickly synced to any or all of your equipment, so you can get on your stuff by anywhere.

Set up the computer's desktop and mobile phone apps

Get the desktop app

Get the iOS app


Get the Google android app



Send out large data files

Need to send a file? Merely add this to your Dropbox, share a link to this and most likely all completed. No matter how significant the record is, you aren't the link may view or download a duplicate - even if they have no a Dropbox account.

Reveal a link into a file

About dropbox. com

1 . Register to dropbox. com in order to find the document or file you'd like to discuss. 2 . Float over the data file or file and click on the S​hare ​button that shows up. If you're posting a file, you'll see a drop-down menu. Choose S​end link.

a few. Enter the email addresses of the persons you want to invite, then just click Send or perhaps copy and paste the link.



On Glass windows or Mac pc

1 . Install the Dropbox desktop application ​i​f you haven't already. 2 . Open your Dropbox folder and find the file or perhaps folder you want to share. 3. Right click the file and select S​hare Dropbox link. ​The link will probably be copied quickly. Just paste it in to an email, fast message or perhaps wherever you'd be interested people to access it.






Focus on files collectively

Collaborate in presentations and docs -- without emailing

files forwards and backwards. Just build a shared file and add other people to this. When you edit a file in a shared file, everyone instantly gets the more recent version on their devices.

Set up a shared file

On dropbox. com

1 ) Sign in to dropbox. com and click Share a folder... ​at the top in the window.

2 . Choose I​'d like to make and share a new folder, ​click Next, ​then enter a name to your shared file.



3. Click N​ext, then enter the emails of the people you want to ask.

4. Put in a personal meaning if you like and click Reveal folder.




Hooray, you aren't now a Dropbox all-star!

You're spots to use Dropbox. Get started right now

and let all of us know what you believe on Facebook. ​

See more tricks and tips

Check out the Help Centre to learn the right way to recover old versions of files, preserve space on your computer with Picky Sync, and explore various other advanced features.

Dropbox also contains a number of security tools

to help you further shield your account and data.

Check out our Security page to learn how to generate

a strong, exceptional password, permit two-step

verification and adjust your security settings.

Will be certainly even more to Dropbox

Need more space or perhaps extra sharing controls?

Take a look at Dropbox Expert....


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