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GraPeNaTor: " Grapes' Peelings extract, a Natural Sign for stomach acids and angles

As a part requirement for the first grading period

Submitted by simply: Josh Wallen Beltran

Riu Rodriguez

Abbylaine Priniel

Mikee Reyes

Lesley Anne Timbol



Many normal substances include molecules that change color in the liquid solutions when the solution is changed by a basic to acidic nature or vice versa. Natural dyes such as tones of blossoms, fruits, vegetables, and many others have got such houses. Natural indicators when added in a small quantity of solution, give an indication of the pH of the remedy.

Acids and bases are very important in our lives. They can be utilized in cleaning, assists with our digestive function, for cosmetic makeup products, the may also be used as medical disinfectant, and utilized to make many other materials. Both acids and facets function as washing agents, because they have the ability to remove stains and other dirt coming from surfaces. Detergent is an example of a base. Stomach acids are also within the stomach (Hydrochloric Acid) and are used to dissolve swallowed food so that it can be soaked up. People with bellies that produce too much acid can take antacids, which are fundamentally bases intended to neutralize the acid. Acids and bases are accustomed to clean and soft the skin. However , those that are too strong may burn skin. Sometimes the celebrities employ this for the protection, cleanliness, and smoothness of their skins. For disinfectants, strong stomach acids can eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms, stopping the distributed of disease. Bases are accustomed to make many different materials. Calcium hydroxide (Limewater) is used for making plaster and mortar. Acids and facets are also seen in foods, the surroundings and in chemicals including medicines. And lastly, the body also has a buffer system that helps control the level of acids and basics. The ph level levels will be controlled using bicarbonate or HCO3. Likewise, the...


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