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SOP 6409 – Seminar: Impression Managing

Dr . Craig R. Schlenker

Office: PSY 269 Mobile phone: 392-0601, ext. 253

email-based: [email protected] eduFax: 392-7985

Category Time: T 7-9 Area: CBD 316 (Classroom Building 105)

" When an person appears inside the presence of others, there will generally be some reason for him to mobilize his activity so that it will certainly convey an impact to others which it is in his interests to convey. " Erving Goffman

Pictures of the times:

" You never get a second possibility to make a first sight. "

" Never be sure to let them see you perspire. "

We live in the Age of Information, therefore it is not surprising that the use and control of data plays a central role in each of our lives. Impression management is definitely the goal-directed process of controlling or regulating information in order to effect the thoughts formed by an audience. Through impression management, people try to shape a great audience's impressions of a person (e. g., self, friends, enemies), target (e. g., a business firm, a gift, a consumer product), event (e. g., a transgression, a task performance), or idea (e. g., pro-life vs . pro-choice policies, capitalism compared to socialism). When people are trying to control impressions of themselves, in contrast to other people or entities, the experience is called how you dress.

This workshop will explore the cultural psychology of impression management. We will certainly focus on theory and analysis dealing with the nature and implications of the regulation of information. Most of the social psychology literature handles strategic self-presentation designed to progress the self-interests of the actor. At 1 level, this kind of literature gives insights into the " gamesmanship" of sociable behavior, looking at how persons use and conceal information to accomplish all their objectives. Most of the best selling self-help books in the psychology and business parts of bookstores likewise deal with the right way to exert social influence by looking into making the right impression on others (e. g., Dale Carnegie's How to earn friends and influence persons; David Lewis' The secret terminology of success: Using body language to acquire what you want; Michael jordan Korda's Achievement: How just about every man and woman can perform it; Roger Fisher's Reaching to Yes). These kinds of books tell us how to appear and costume; what to declare and how to declare it; how you can move, stay, and motion; when to laugh or raise an eyebrow; and all manner of information that seems vital if we should be do well with the game of life, winning and keeping lovers, money, power, close friends, etc . Advertising is simply the art of influence through the control of info. The political arena gives a stage intended for the conscious and systematic application of ideas about how to market people and ideas. The common thread through all of this is the idea that, to survive and succeed, we must acquire people to make up the " right" impression, tentang kami and the things about which all of us care.

By another level, though, impression management requires more than gamesmanship. I have asserted that impression management is not simply a type of behavior that happens only below limited circumstances, such as during a job interview or perhaps on a time, or that is evidenced only by selected types of folks, such as these high in self-monitoring or Machiavellianism. Instead, impression management is known as a fundamental characteristic or characteristic of sociable experience. It really is inconceivable to go over human social behavior with out employing the concept. People usually do not deal with details randomly or perhaps dispassionately. Our opinions about what constitutes the " truth" are affected by each of our personal agendas. To help us to accomplish our objectives in every area of your life, we " package" info to help viewers draw the " right" conclusion. This kind of packaging is a pervasive feature of social behavior.

Packaging is not really deceptive or immoral, although it certainly can be utilised for...


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