Gender and Flag Issue

 Gender and Flag Question Essay

Feminists argue that gender concerns because _____.

Select one particular:

a. it will help us bring some order to a topsy-turvy world

b. this structures social relations among people

c. that emphasizes organic differences which exist between people

d. there are jobs for which men are every better suitable and other tasks for which females are better suited

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Your preliminary sociology teacher believes that gender functions serve a purpose in society to fulfill certain capabilities. What type of theoretical background is usually your teacher espousing?

Select one:

a. conflict

b. postmodern

c. structuration

d. structural functionalism

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Which in the following hypotheses is associated with the idea that sexuality is a process—a product of your everyday social interactions?

Choose one:

a. psychoanalytic theory

m. conflict theory

c. microinteractionist theory

m. postmodern theory

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Sow how does15404 a sociologist describe the between homosexuality and homosexual behavior?

Choose one:

a. Homosexuality can be described as fixed sociable identity that may be determined at birth, and lgbt behavior is the outward manifestation of that id.

w. Homosexuality is actually a lifestyle decision, whereas homosexual behavior is a choice about how to behave in a particular moment and context.

c. Homosexuality implies creating a certain social identity, while homosexual behavior is a choice with regards to a particular activity at a specific time.

d. Homosexuality implies getting a social id through repeated homosexual behavior

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While policies that overtly discriminate against females have mainly been powered from the place of work, there continue to exist covert limitations that are also known as _____.

Choose one:

a. the mommy track

b. the glass roof

c. hegemonic masculinity

g. the goblet escalator

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_____ is a nearly universal system relating to the subordination of femininity to masculinity.

Choose one:

a. Patriarchy

b. Sexism

c. Matriarchy

d. Hegemonic masculinity

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Gender research can be said to pay attention to the relationship among _____.

Select one:

a. nature and nurture

b. sex and sexuality

c. men and women

d. sexual preference and social environment

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Which of the pursuing statements provides an essentialist reason for male or female differences?

Select one:

a. Women result in lower spending jobs with fewer opportunities for advancement because such jobs make this easier to allow them to balance job and family.

m. Women carry out more responsibility for domestic tasks since men still think of things such as women's function.

c. There are far fewer girls professors in the hard sciences because women are tracked toward the humanities and social sciences.

m. Women are overrepresented in professions including nursing, teaching, and interpersonal work as they are inherently even more nurturing and caring than men.

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Women working in male-dominated careers often find that there are _____ opportunities to advance, and men working in female-dominated professions typically advance _____ their girl colleagues.

Select one:

a. limited; more...


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