functions of guidance

 functions of guidance Article


The followings features of counseling may be powerful for any particular employee associated with an organization: 1 . Advice

2 . Reassurance (confidence and courage)

3. Connection (upward)

4. Release of emotional stress

5. Responded thinking

six. Reorientation




A. BackgroundВ

The improvement of human being thought and consciousness of self and his world, has resulted in globalization. Global situation makes life more competitive and open options for men to obtain status and the level of a better life. The positive impact of worldwide conditions provides encouraged individuals to continue considering, improving skills, and are unsatisfied with what was accomplished at this time. The adverse impact of globalization, unrest among the people living in a growing because of the discord, stress, stress, and frustasi. Dengan so , we must understand that life and our lives decorated with concerns, either issues that come from yourself as well as complications who are derived from outside. However , with solid intentions and assistance from a counselor inside the scope of guidance therapies will be efficiently completed (to solve) the problems faced. В

B. Trouble FormulationВ

1 . What impression guidance?

installment payments on your What understanding of counseling? В

3. What sense of guidance therapies?

4. Precisely what is the purpose and function of guidance counseling in every area of your life? В

C. Goal

The goal of the paper writing guidance and counseling the following: В 1 . Mengetahui understanding guidance.

2 . Mengetahui comprehension of counseling. В

3. Tahu persis and measure the understanding advice counseling. В 4. Tahu persis purpose and function of direction counseling in everyday life.



A. Definition of Guidance

Assistance is given to individual the help of an expert, but not so simple to understand the meaning of the assistance. Understanding neighbors formal assistance has been developed since in least early 20th 100 years, initiated by simply Frank Parson in 1908. Since it shows up neighbor formulation guidance relative to the development of advice services, as a typical task that filled by lovers and experts. Understanding the guidance put forward by the experts to give the sense that complement each other. So to understand the meaning with the guidance needs to consider the idea advanced by some authorities as follows: " Guidance while assistance supplied to individuals in order to choose, make and suppose a position and making improvement in his selected position" (Frank Parson, 1951).

Frank Parson formulate guidance in understanding a lot of aspects of the guidance provided to individuals to enter in an occupation and achieve progress in the office. This kind of understanding remains to be very specific career-oriented. " Counseling will help individuals to better recognize the many information about itself" (Chiskolm, 1959).

Understanding direction dikemukan simply by Chiskolm that guidance to help individuals figure out themselves, understanding focuses on learning the potential of self-owned. " Tutoring is usually an activity that aims to boost the personal recognition of every individual" (Bernard & Fullmer, 1969). В

The definition put forward by Bernard & Fullmer that guidancedone to increase the realization of individual self. May be understood the fact that guidance to assist individuals to actualize themselves using their environment. " Guidance because education and development that emphasizes methodical learning process" (Mathewson, 1969).

Mathewson advised guidance while education and development that emphasizes the training process. This understanding stresses education and guidance as a form of self-development, the desired target is attained through the learning process.

From some of the understanding guidance put forward by the experts it can be concluded about a broader understanding of the guidance, that guidance can be: " A procedure of offering assistance to people in a lasting and systematic,...


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