FedEx 2014 Annual Report

 Essay regarding FedEx 2014 Annual Statement

FedEx Corporation

for a even more sustainable globe.

Our commitment for connecting the world in responsible and resourceful methods is getting benefits. In 2013, we successfully reduced LASER emissions strength while raising business income.







Increase in FedEx

Express car fuel

productivity by 2020

from a 2005 primary.

Expand on-site


and continuing

procurement of


for the facilities.

Look for Leadership

in Energy &

Environmental Style

(LEED) recognition

on new U. H. FedEx

Share buildings.






Reduction in aeroplanes

emissions intensity

by 2020 from a

2005 primary.


twenty-two. 3


since 2005

27. zero


seeing that 2005


gigawatt several hours

since 2005

powers the strength of our outcomes.

Annual Statement 2014


The strength of each of our people



certified buildings

To find out more, read the 2013 FedEx Global Citizenship Record at csr. fedex. com.

FedEx Organization

942 To the south Shady Grove Road

Memphis, Tennessee 38120

fedex. com

In line with our commitment to sustainability, the FedEx Annual Report was developed using ecologically and socially responsible procurement and production practices to make sure a reduced environmental effects. See page 80 for more details.

FedEx Twelve-monthly Report 2014

The strength of the purpose.

Good things happen once FedEx attaches people and possibilities. Each of our customers get opportunity in new markets and, in turn, give back for their communities. On the western part of the country African country of Togo, more youngsters are graduating mainly because they can get to school, because of 5, 700 bikes bestowed by Alaffia, an Olympia, Wash. –based company that depends on FedEx for global supply chain solutions.


in amounts.

More than a decade before, Alaffia started out a business with Togolese ladies to traditionally harvest and process shea tree peanuts. It's the essential ingredient employed in the fair trade body-care products Alaffia sells through major suppliers. Since the year 2003, the company has created hundreds of new jobs — and an increasing community of youngsters on wheels. fedex. com/access

— The Purple Promise



More than 300, 1000 FedEx group

members around the world work unceasingly

to serve our customers and produce

value for shareowners. Thanks to their

amazing efforts, FY14 returns to





investors perform better the S& P 500 and

the Dow Williams Transportation Typical.


S& P 500

Dow Jones





Letter from your Chairman

Decisive actions. Outstanding returns.

To our


In FY14 all of us acted

decisively to boost

shareowner value,

and are proud of

our accomplishments

during the year.

•Returns to shareholders outperformed

the S& P 500 plus the Dow Roberts

Transportation Normal, and each of our market

capitalization increased significantly.

•The historic inventory buyback we

announced in October reaffirmed our

confidence in the business strategy

and long-term progress potential. It also

demonstrated the ongoing commitment

to deliver worth to our shareowners.

•We happen to be aggressively handling costs, and

our balance sheet remains solid, giving

all of us the flexibility to carry out the inventory

repurchase software while carrying on

to implement our tactical initiatives.

These kinds of initiatives are created to ensure

the near- and long-term success of FedEx,

including excellent financial returns for

shareowners. As a result, we believe

FedEx is definitely well placed for better

growth in earnings and cash flow

despite a sluggish global economic system and

dramatic changes in source chains.

The effectiveness of our people powers the

strength of your results. That may be embodied

in our People-Service-Profit traditions and each of our

Purple Assure: " I will make every single FedEx

encounter outstanding. ” For proof, look zero

further than all of us members' remarkable

efforts this past winter and holiday season....


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