A result of Bacteria to Human Body

 Effect of Bacterias to Body of a human Essay

This article is about the microorganisms. To get the genus, see Bacterium (genus). To get other uses, see Bacteria (disambiguation). Bacterias

Temporal selection: Archean or earlier – Recent

Scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli bacilli

Scientific classification

Domain: Bacteria


gram positive/no outer membrane layer

Actinobacteria (high-G+C)

Firmicutes (low-G+C)

Tenericutes (no wall)

gram negative/outer membrane layer present



Fibrobacteres–Chlorobi/Bacteroidetes (FCB group)




Planctomycetes–Verrucomicrobia/Chlamydiae (PVC group)













Bacteria (/bækˈtɪəriə/ ( listen); singular: bacterium) are a large domain of single-celled, prokaryote microorganisms. Commonly a few micrometres in length, bacterias have a wide range of shapes, which range from spheres to rods and spirals. Bacteria are ubiquitous in every habitat on Earth, growing in soil, acidic hot suspension springs, radioactive waste materials,[2] water, and deep in the Earth's crust, as well as in organic matter plus the live body of plants and pets. There are commonly 40 , 000, 000 bacterial cells in a gram of garden soil and a thousand bacterial skin cells in a millilitre of freshwater; in all, you will find approximately five nonillion (5×1030) bacteria on the planet,[3] forming a biomass on Earth, which is higher than that of most plants and animals.[4] Bacteria are essential in recycling where possible nutrients, numerous steps in nutrient cycles according to these organisms, such as the hinsicht of nitrogen from the atmosphere and putrefaction. However , the majority of bacteria never have been characterized, and only about half of the phyla of bacteria have varieties that can be produced in the lab.[5] The study of bacterias is known as bacteriology, a branch of microbiology.

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