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Compiled by 1 . 2 . Doctor Attash Durrani (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz) Director, Multimedia, AIOU, Islamabad Prof. Muhammad Ali Shahid (Izaz-e-Fazeelat) Director (Tech) Rtd. Punjab Textbook Plank, Programme Police officer, GIZ, Lahore




Punjab Book Board, Lahore


collection of hype / reports and articles as it is recognized but it can be a guide to learning. It should be encyclopedic in nature and relevant pedagogical in construction. It must be readable in a proper task and which has a proper display. The content of the textbook as already mentioned should be encyclopedic my spouse and i. e. understanding based facts, concepts, ideals and behaviour. There must be examining assignments, reworking assignments, summaries, recalls and text included as teachable part of the book. The framework of a textbook is based on problem-solving technique. The coherence of your textbook requires clarity of ideas, i actually. e. readability with activities words and phrases. A textbook needs to be appropriate for the topics by simply explaining in proper terminology and discourse, related with the prior knowledge and using charts, illustrations, photos, photographs to depict the concepts. Their talk ought to be friendly just like " Maybe you have ever been / heard”. It really is called meta-discourse. Activities, questions, projects, intellectuals and mental engagements must be placed as an element of teaching in a textbook. A textbook isn't just a student " aid, also, it is a instructors tool”, therefore a student should know that what he has to do with the text and a educator should be provided pedagogical factors. Hence, it really is recommendable that student's consumir, and tutor points should be given in a textbook though there may be another work book or a teacher's guide.


textbook is actually a product pertaining to teaching learning process. It might be rather created and

certainly not written. It will not be considered a piece of writing and never a piece of materials or pure



Understanding Curriculum

Standards – Benchmarks & SLOs


The competencies by descriptive statements specifying commonly, the knowledge, expertise and attitudes that college students will acquire, shall know and be able to perform in a particular key area during the course of analyze. These are qualitative in characteristics and sets out the learning goals. They may not be subject specific.


The standards suggest what the learners will accomplish at the end of each and every development level. They are subject specific.


The comprehensive statements talking about what college students are supposed to find out and be able to do at each quality level to own specified benchmarks. They are activity specific and generally observable and measurable.

a couple of

A Paradigm Shift

From Traditional techniques: 1 . Based on contents & topics 2 . Focus on aims 3. Learning Medium " Words” some. Focus on instructing 5. Instructor centered six. One way approach 7. Browsing, writing, communication and applying arithmetic (skills) 8. Evaluation of content knowledge & simple understanding 9. Enhance memorization

Rules for textbooks authors

To Standard centered approaches: 1 ) Based on specifications 2 . Focus on SLOs several. Learning Channel " Images” 4. Focus on learning a few. Student focused 6. Selection of approaches six. Interpersonal, team work and problem solving abilities 8. Evaluation of content material, skills and attitudes, much deeper understanding, thinking and app 9. Enhance thinking

What is new within a Textbook

From descriptive and reading way of information umschlusselung, Interactive components, life abilities activities, gender equity, human brain teasers to get initiating discussions, diagrams, illustrations, worked examples, Interesting information in Bins, critical considering problems and FAQ's intended for effective Learning.





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