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Arroyo Seco Double Cities

Energy Line Task

FINAL Primary Study/

Mitigated Negative Declaration

State Clearinghouse # 2013022035

Final Preliminary Study/Mitigated Adverse Declaration

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Regato Seco Double Cities Energy Line Task

Lead Firm:

Sacramento Comunitario Utility District

6201 H Street, MS B203

Sacramento, CA 95817-1899


P. O. Package 15830 MS B203

Sacramento, CA 95852-1830

Attn: Emily Bacchini

(916) 732-6334 or perhaps Emily. [email protected] org

Regato Seco Double Cities Utility Line Task

April 15, 2013


This file has been able to evaluate Sacramento Municipal Utility District's (SMUD) Proposed Task for conformity under the Washington dc Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). SMUD is the lead organization responsible for complying with the provisions of CEQA. SMUD offers the Arroyo Seco Twin Cities Electricity Line Project (also known as " the Proposed Project”) to provide electrical power and telecommunication lines to an existing mobile tower along Twin Metropolitan areas Road, in Sacramento County, California.

Job Description

The Proposed Task would contain installing roughly 7, 260 feet (1. 38 miles) of over head and subterranean utility lines to provide power and telecommunication to an existing cellular tower. As part of the Recommended Project, 13 new energy poles and 3 take boxes will be installed. Roughly 3, 422 feet of utility lines would be set up overhead as well as the remaining a few, 838 feet would be mounted underground in 4-inch diameter conduit. Structure of the Proposed Project can be anticipated to start off after April 15, 2013 and lengthen throughout the dry season till September 15, 2013.


As business lead agency intended for compliance with CEQA requirements, SMUD finds that the Suggested Project would be implemented devoid of causing a substantial adverse impact on the environment. Minimization measures intended for potential affects associated with natural resources, ethnic resources, geology and soil, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and normal water quality, noise, and necessary findings of significance will be implemented as part of SMUD's Proposed Project description, and are included within the fastened Mitigation Monitoring and Confirming Program (see Table 2).

Cumulative Influences

CEQA requires that SMUD assess if its Proposed Project's gradual effects will be significant when ever viewed associated with the effects of different projects. Depending on the examination presented through this Initial Examine (IS)/Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND), the Proposed Project will not contribute incrementally to extensive environmental adjustments when considered in combination with additional projects inside the area. This decision was performed due to: (1) potential environmental effects of the Proposed Job were decided to be less than significant; and (2) almost all identified possibly significant effects would be mitigated to a less-than-significant level.

Growth-Inducing Impacts

SMUD exists being a public company to supply electrical energy and has a obligation to serve the existing clients and fresh development given the green light by Sacramento State. SMUD would not designate 04 2013


Arroyo Aspero Twin Towns Utility Collection Project

Final Initial Analyze and Mitigated Negative Statement

Arroyo Acartonado Twin Towns Utility Collection Project

The spring 15, 2013

where and what fresh development may possibly occur. The presence of the new utility lines would not induce human population growth; it will accommodate the electrical support needs with the cellular tower. Therefore , SMUD projects are certainly not considered to be " growth causing, ” as defined by simply CEQA. In addition , SMUD's Proposed Project may not cause elevated demand in public system, public solutions, housing, circulation, or different resources.


On the basis of this evaluation, SMUD concludes:

a. The Suggested Project would not have the potential to degrade the caliber of the environment, considerably...

References: February 15, 2013


This kind of draft IS/MND is being circulated for a 30-day public review period (CEQA Guidelines

Section 15073) for all individuals who have expected a copy, regional libraries (Sacramento Central

Table of Company directors meetings will be held at SMUD's Hq (6201 S Street, Sacramento, CA

95817-1899) and are available to the public

Arroyo Seco Double Cities Electricity Line Job

February 15, 2013


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