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Beed II-B

Informative Conversation Plan

Title: Major Problem of teenagers today.

Specific Presentation Purpose: To share with my engl. III target audience what are difficulties problems of teenagers


Affirmation: There are a few major challenges of teens today.


I.. Attention Step: are you one of the teens who have a problem? You may system for it! Associated with this, I would really like to take this kind of opportunity to inform you of the latest finding for the major problem of the teenagers today.

II. Clarification Step:

Human body

I. Net and Gambling Addiction

a. Younger generations, unlike their parents' years, often socialize, hang out, and communicate on the net, rather than in person. They prefer to text rather than talk on the phone, and often choose to socialize on Twitter or Facebook rather than in the local bar, on the street or at the city square. m. The digital divide: Youngsters has been referred to as being certainly one of " Digital Natives" as the older generation continues to be referred to as one of " Digital Immigrants. " c. Unlike the elderly, young people are really capable of effective multi tasking, which is at times seen by the older generation like a lack of focus and focus. d. Some young people use much too enough time in front of a pc screen, spending up to twenty hours each day, seven days every week. e. Spending countless hours a day, every day, upon gaming or perusing the web can interfere with young someones emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual advancement.

II. Violence In Multimedia

a. Big t. V. influences behavior. If it didn't, Nike, Budweiser, Pepsi, etc . would not invest huge amounts of dollars in advertisements. w. Violence in T. Sixth is v. occurs generally in most programs and more so , in cartoons. 3. Bullying On the web and At Institution

a. Bullying is a continuing pattern of harassment and abuse. It is possible directly simply by physical or perhaps verbal attacks or not directly by exemption, spreading rumors, etc . b....


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